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Put in your project, your idea, your interest and start collecting your links. Something you want to buy, a present you search for someone, a vacation destination.

Invite your friends to contribute to your list. Get your family in, to select the present for your dad, use the computer knowledge of your friends to make a better decision when buying a laptop. Share the list of vacation destinations with your significant ones.

Instant updates when your friends add information

all secretly encrypted with a password you choose, so only you and the friends you trust can read the content of your list.

How It Works

The Steps Of Our Success


Sign up wiht your email and password or with your favourite social account


Add your list and invite your friends to help you with their knowledge and opinion to come to a perfect decision


Install our app on your iPhone or android phone, view instant updates of what your friends post.


Install the chrome and firefox extension to collect links easier

Recommendations of friends or family remain the most influential resource on advice for those looking to purchase products and services.

the App is comming soon

start now on the Web

expect the extensions

App Features

What You Need To Know


It is 100% free.


You can encrypt your data with your custom choosen password.


Use the input of your friends to make sure to get the best out of it.


we cooperate with our great partners amazon and ebay to offer you an even better service

In Sync

Your data is synchronised across all your devices and by sharing lists this data is also synchronised on your friends devices.

Crafted with love

We put lots of thought into this and make sure wherever you are, sutoga can be with you

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Benedikt Weiner

10 years+ experience in web technologies, with a simple target:

Make things work.

Creates and runs: iOS and android apps, websites, Api

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Peter Stahl

10 years+ experience in web technologies and big data, with the focus on:

analysing and understanding data.

Extracts knowledge and transforms it into polished solutions.

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